I am Sophie, the manager and creator of a brand and an online store. He is Adrien, an employee at a two-wheeler company, and our two little choupinous, little A (8 years old) and I (5 years old)!

Here and on Instagram, we share our adventures, discoveries, and visits during our road trips with or without the motorhome (because sometimes the big motorhome just can’t fit!).

We would have loved to tell you here that we are sharing our nomadic life or our year-long world tour! Who knows! Maybe someday 😉 Never say never!

But currently, like most of you, our road trips are organized according to our respective vacations and weekends whenever we can.

We hope this blog will help you discover beautiful places, monuments to visit, and inspire you to go on an adventure!

Now, let me introduce you to Rapido, our little motorhome! It’s a Mercedes Rapido 983M from 2007.

Like many, to find our home on wheels, we searched and searched and searched on Le Bon Coin for THE motorhome. Well, it wasn’t that easy! Naive as we were, we thought we would find it quickly, after all, we knew what we wanted and the budget was ready, but searching for a motorhome in 2022, after various global crises, turned out to be a real headache and a huge shock in terms of price.

Finally, once we spotted the ad and to make sure it didn’t slip through our fingers, we took the risk of reserving it without visiting.

And we did well! After a few weeks of basic renovations (because it’s really in perfect condition), we are now ready to finally embark on our adventure!

Here are a few BEFORE/AFTER photos, feel free to follow us on Instagram to see Rapido’s evolution.

« To stay is to exist. To travel is to live. » – Gustave Nadaud