How to get to lake Königssee

Lake Königssee is located south of Munich, about 1.5 hours by car and very close to the Austrian border. Less than an hour from Salzburg, Austria, we recommend taking advantage of your visit to the lake to also see the splendid Salzburg. However, you will need a full day to visit each, making it impossible to combine both visits in one day.

The embarkation point to access the lake is through the village of Schönau am Königssee.

By car, you will find a large parking lot 10 minutes on foot just before the entrance to the village. It is a paid parking lot for the day. For camper vans, the simplest option is to stay in the designated area, which is a 20-minute walk away.

You can also choose: The train, which takes 3 hours and 25 minutes from Munich to Schönau am Königssee. The bus, from Munich’s central station.

Crossing lake Königssee

Tickets for the crossing can be purchased directly on the day at the embarkation point or on their website. During peak periods such as summer or public holidays, the queue at the embarkation point for ticket purchase can last several hours! We strongly recommend purchasing tickets online in advance.

The boat trip is done on an electric boat and takes about 1 hour to reach the end. The trips take place all year round except when the lake is frozen!

The boat trip is a bit pricey, costing around 65 euros for a round trip for 4 people, but it is definitely worth it! We recommend taking the trip all the way to Salet, as it is the only way to reach the stunning Obersee Lake! Once you arrive at the dock, you can head directly to the lake by taking a family-friendly path that is even suitable for strollers. Alternatively, you can stop at the inn to taste their specialty: Knödels, an Austrian dish that might not look appealing but is absolutely delicious!

The electric boat ride is very pleasant because we are not disturbed by engine noise, preserving the absolute calm that reigns over the water. We felt like we were gliding over the translucent green water! On the way there, once you reach the middle of the lake, the boat stops, and a crew member takes out a trumpet and starts playing a tune! Time stands still as you simply listen to the music and its impressive echo between the mountains.

Obersee Lake is truly a gem with its crystal-clear water and the mountains reflecting in it. All around, you’ll find docks with small fishing huts, making the lake extremely photogenic! We recommend taking the hike around the lake, which will lead you to the shelter at the far end. Note that the hike is not accessible to people with reduced mobility or strollers, and some parts can be challenging for young children, especially in rainy conditions.

On the way back, make sure to stop and visit the chapel of St. Bartholomä, isolated on its island. The lake crossing is the only way to reach it. The chapel is stunning with its rounded red domes, standing out in the landscape as we approach by boat from the island. Situated on the shore, the red color of its domes contrasts beautifully with the surrounding greenery! It’s so picturesque, like a postcard! In good weather, you’ll have the chance to see the church reflecting in the clear green water of the lake. Once you’ve admired the chapel, head to the nearby restaurant to taste their specialty: schwarzreiter, the lake’s dried fish. The island is also a paradise for hiking and observing waterfalls.

From the parking lot, you can also access the cable car that will take you to 1800 meters, offering a magnificent viewpoint and a mountain-top restaurant.

Where to stay in a camper van at lake Königssee

About a 20-minute walk from the village of Schönau am Königssee, you’ll find a dedicated area for camper vans. Nestled against a cliffside and along the river, this spot is truly beautiful. It’s a paid area, costing 20 euros per day, including water and waste disposal for black and gray water, but no electricity.

Rates, schedules and cost of the lake Königssee crossing

The crossing to the first stop for the chapel of St. Bartholomä costs 22 euros per adult and 11 euros per child. Expect to pay about double to reach the far end of the lake at Salet. You can find all the rates here.

During peak season, boats depart every 20 minutes from the embarkation point. Don’t be late if you’ve purchased your tickets in advance, as it’s not guaranteed you’ll get a spot on the next boat.

What to do around lake Königssee

  • Cross the border and visit beautiful Salzburg in Austria. This is a very charming city with a rich and varied cultural heritage. You’ll need at least two days to fully enjoy it.
  • Visit Prien am Chiemsee to see another beautiful lake! Lake Chiemsee and its magnificent Herrenchiemsee Palace built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
  • Of course, visit Munich! There is so much to do in this beautiful cultural city! Take the opportunity to stop in a biergarten and don’t miss a visit to Nymphenburg Palace and its park!

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