Salzburg and Mozart

Mozart was born in the famous city in a beautiful house in the city center of Salzburg in 1756 and spent 17 years of his life there. Today, the house has become a museum where one can discover documents, instruments, and portraits related to Mozart, his life, and his works.

At every street corner, you will find a singer or a musician… and Mozart is present everywhere in Salzburg, which has become an open-air museum dedicated to the composer:

On Mozartplatz, a large statue of Mozart has stood since 1842.

A little further on, at number 8, you will discover the apartment of his widow.

In the famous cemetery of the city are buried his father and sister.

Of course, you cannot miss the famous chocolates! The Mozartkugeln, prepared according to a recipe from 1890, are delicious and can be found all over the city!

What to visit in Salzburg ?

Salzburg is a beautiful city with its architecture, green roofs, squares, and fountains… You will need an entire day to simply explore the city by strolling around.

Start your visit in the old town, where most of the attractions can be found, either free or with an entry fee. Begin your day with the beautiful main shopping street of the old town, Getreidegasse. With its old-fashioned wrought-iron signs and lovely facades, the street itself is worth the walk. Unfortunately, the shops here are mostly luxury stores or souvenir shops.

Salzburg is a city extremely rich in culture with many things to visit. Naturally, we couldn’t do everything in two days. Here, we will present only what we visited; please note that these visits all require an entry fee.

The cemetery and catacombs of the city

Well-maintained, the cemetery of Salzburg is a popular visit due to its beauty and the notable graves of Mozart’s sister and his younger brother.

After admiring the magnificent tombstones, you can begin your ascent of the 48 steps to enter the “catacombs” built into the cliffside. The first steps lead to the first cave: the St. Gertrude Chapel. Initially a natural cave, it was later expanded by human hands and features niches that were used as tombs. Even today, masses can be celebrated there.

Continuing your climb, you will reach a small platform with a beautiful view over the cemetery rooftops. After ascending the final steps, you will arrive at the Maximus Chapel.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress

This grand dame, about 900 years old, is magnificently preserved! Situated atop the hill, you can reach it using the Festungsbahn funicular in a few minutes. The fortress is immense and houses several museums; you will need at least half a day to explore it fully.

At the top of the ramparts, you will likely have one of the most beautiful views of the city. There is also a restaurant that serves local specialties, with a special mention for the Nockerln! This warm dessert, made from whipped egg whites and custard, was enjoyed with a view of the city.

Inside, you can visit the puppet museum, a tiny museum much loved by children, as well as the fortress museum.

Haus der Natur, the natural history museum

The most beautiful natural history museum we have visited to date! A true gem for both adults and children alike!

We didn’t know what to expect and had planned for a 2-hour visit. In the end, we stayed the entire morning!

The museum is incredibly comprehensive! You wander from room to room, traveling through time from the dinosaurs to the present day. You discover animals, space, the human body, sciences… and even a scientific area where you can experiment, touch, and explore.

The Toy Museum

Undoubtedly one of the most unusual museums we have visited! Forget everything you know about toy museums!

Here, everything is accessible! You take off your shoes, and children can wander freely throughout the museum, playing with all the toys available while parents enjoy the free tea bar!

The Christmas Museum

This very small museum is located on the upper floor of the shop. It features a beautiful collection of decorations, advent calendars, and nutcrackers.

After visiting the one in Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber, if we had to recommend just one, it would be the one in Rothenburg. It’s more comprehensive and has such a beautiful shop!

Mirabell Palace

Built in 1606 by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich for his mistress, with whom he had around fifteen children! The interior of the palace is open for visits, and regular concerts are also held there.

Don’t miss the freely accessible gardens, which are very pleasant in the late afternoon. Many people come here to stroll or relax on the grass behind the palace.

The DomQuartier

The DomQuartier encompasses several spaces.

The Residenz was where the Prince-Archbishops gathered before Salzburg became part of the Habsburg Empire. Here, you will discover sumptuous apartments lavishly decorated. The visit is guided by an audio guide available in your language, including a version tailored for children. At the end of the tour, you can stop at a photo point and have fun dressing up in front of a charming backdrop, all for free.

Once you’ve explored the apartments, the tour continues to the Residenz Gallery and its extensive collection of paintings.

If you’re staying in Salzburg for more than two days, we recommend complementing these visits with some must-see attractions like Mozart’s residence and his birthplace, now transformed into a museum showcasing objects from the family’s life.

In the vicinity of Salzburg, we also recommend visiting Hellbrunn Palace known for its gardens and water games.

The Salzburg Card

Since the city offers many paid attractions, we highly recommend purchasing the Salzburg Card online to save time. You can choose between a one-day or two consecutive days pass. This personalized card allows you free entry to most establishments in Salzburg and also includes free use of public transportation.

The card is very worthwhile, and despite being a significant upfront purchase, you will ultimately save a lot.

Salzburg with kids : Best activities

Haus der Natur Museum

Without a doubt, our top recommendation!

This is the most beautiful natural history museum: it’s vast, modern, and there’s so much to see. Children are encouraged to touch, manipulate, and experiment. We recommend spending at least half a day here to explore all the floors thoroughly.

Salzburg Zoo

Located south of Salzburg, just a few minutes from the center, this zoo is home to around 1,500 species.

With the petting zoo, kids can get up close to some animals to touch and feed them!

Hohensalzburg Fortress

A real 900-year-old fortress perfectly preserved for pretending to be a knight, climbing to the top of the guard towers, and patrolling along the ramparts!

Horse-drawn Carriage Ride

Unmissable, you can find them in the main square of the old town near the cathedral.

The tour is quite expensive, around 50 euros for a 30-35 minute narrated ride through the old town. The price is fixed regardless of which carriage you choose.

What to do around Salzburg?

If you venture outside the center of Salzburg, you’ll discover plenty of things to see and do.

Werfen Ice Cave

The largest ice cave in the world! Accessible via a cable car, tours are guided for safety reasons.

Lake Wolfgang

One of Austria’s most beautiful lakes. You can take a boat ride or hop on the scenic SchafbergBahn cogwheel train.

Where to park and stay in a camper van in Salzburg

With a bit of searching, you can easily park on the outskirts of the city and then use public transportation.

For staying overnight, the city offers a large area called Reisemobil Stellplatz. It’s quite expensive at 30€ per night. However, it provides all amenities: water, waste disposal, electricity, laundry, and even security service. The area is conveniently located right in front of a bus stop that takes you to the city center in about 15 minutes. The downside is that it’s a parking area, so expect to be parked close to your neighbors. We stayed there for 2 nights and found it very convenient for exploring the city over several days at a relaxed pace.

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