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During our road trip through southern Germany, we visited LEGOLAND. And of course, with a little one who is a huge LEGO fan, we spent an entire day there.

We recommend booking your tickets online directly on the park’s website to avoid the crowds at the ticket booths and to arrive at the park’s opening to make the most of your visit, especially if you’re only spending one day there.

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Themed worlds

The park is organized around nine different themes where you can find attractions, shows, and dining options.

LEGO MYTHICA World: the world of mythical and imaginary creatures

You will find three attractions in this land:

  • Maximus, a thrilling coaster aboard a flying dragon.
  • The Fire and Ice Tower, which takes you up 9 meters before dropping you in a free fall.
  • The Creazone, where your children can access bricks to build endlessly!

We had a great time there!

NINJAGO WORLD: meet the famous ninjas in an Asian-inspired setting

The main attraction in this land that you must not miss is The Ride Ninjago, where you can feel like a ninja and fight villains like in a video game using your hands and numerous 4D effects.

The Ninjago attraction is truly amazing and very immersive. We all loved it, and it is in our top three attractions in the park.

MINILAND and its incredible reconstructions

You will find reconstructions of famous cities and monuments, including Venice and the Eiffel Tower. It’s incredibly well done, down to the finest details, so take your time to observe everything. The life scenes are very realistic.

KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM: Ride the giant Fire Dragon coaster

Or, for the less brave like us, try the smaller Dragon Hunt!

For the younger visitors, you’ll find attractions like the Royal Joust, where you can ride your faithful steed—our little one’s favorite ride. The Caterpillar Ride might not look like much, but it’s a wild ride, and we had a lot of laughs!

PHARAOHS’ LAND and its main attraction Temple X-pedition

Armed with a laser gun, you’ll need to aim accurately at the targets to score points, all within a fabulous Egyptian LEGO setting! This is a fantastic attraction with beautiful scenery, and we loved it so much that we did it three times!

Also, check out:

  • Desert X-cursion: Hop into your hot air balloon and steer it; a good head for heights is recommended.
  • Pyramid Rallye: Board your fire truck and use your strength to move as fast as possible and put out the fire.

LEGO X-TREME and its coaster

The main attraction here is the thrilling coaster aboard a race car.

You can also visit Rebuild the World, where you can let your imagination run wild and build endlessly, or the Atlantis aquarium.

In the studio, put on your glasses for a 4D movie. Unfortunately, there was too much of a wait for this attraction, and we couldn’t experience it.

Our advice is to start your day with this one as soon as the park opens.

IMAGINATION Land, more suitable for the little ones

Here you’ll find numerous attractions that they can enjoy without any trouble, such as Pedal-a-car or the Police Station, which features a mirror maze. Our little one loved this attraction, and we did it twice! Watch out for the traps in the maze!

LEGO CITY Land, featuring the LEGO Factory to discover how LEGOs are made

This is a fantastic attraction! You start with a short film, subtitled in English, explaining the LEGO manufacturing process, before opening the doors to a replica factory where you can participate and activate the machines. The visit ends in a massive LEGO parts store with an impressive selection!

In the Power Builder, board a robot for guaranteed thrills! You’ll also find smaller attractions more suited to very young children, like the Harbour Cruise boats.

ADVENTURE LAND and its main attraction, Jungle X-pedition

Hop aboard a log and let yourself be guided along a river that can be more or less turbulent! You might get a bit wet! At the Monkey Stage, you can catch the daily shows, but like the 4D cinema, there were so many people that we couldn’t see any performances.

PIRATE LAND offers three attractions with a pirate theme, perfect for younger visitors, such as Nick’s Splash, where you shouldn’t be afraid to get soaked!

Dining options

You’ll find numerous dining spots scattered throughout the different lands of the park, catering to all tastes and budgets.

Here are some options:

  • Ninja Kitchen in NINJAGO World, where you can enjoy Asian flavors.
  • Knights’ Table in KNIGHTS’ KINGDOM, where you can savor grilled dishes.
  • Fata Morgana Kitchen in PHARAOHS’ LAND, serving oriental cuisine.
  • STARS Grill House, offering grilled dishes and burgers.
  • Pizza Mania for delicious Italian cuisine!
  • Schnitzel Depot in ADVENTURE LAND.
  • Asia Chicken House for Asian-flavored dishes.
  • At Market Hall, you’ll find a restaurant for the heartiest appetites.

Where to stay at LEGOLAND Deutschland

During your visit to LEGOLAND Deutschland, you can spend the night to enjoy the park even longer.

The park offers four different accommodations:

  • Ninjago-themed Holiday Village.
  • Pirate Island Hotel, with beautifully decorated rooms that immerse you in the pirate atmosphere!
  • Castle Hotel, featuring canopy beds, ramparts, and armored knights, creating a medieval experience.
  • Themed Houses that can accommodate up to six people. Each house has a different theme: knight, Egypt, adventure…

Book your accommodation at LEGOLAND directly online.

If you’re traveling by camper, the park also offers a campsite.

The large pitches all have electricity, and the campsite provides sanitary blocks with showers and toilets, facilities for dishwashing and laundry, and a dumping station. You can also dine at the restaurant or enjoy the many leisure activities and playgrounds offered by the campsite. Book your camping spot directly online.

How to get to LEGOLAND Deutschland

LEGOLAND Deutschland is located about 3.5 hours from the French Alsace border, near Ulm in southern Germany, and approximately 1 hour from Munich and Stuttgart.

The park provides paid daytime parking for cars and campers, which you can also reserve online when booking your stay.

By train, you can easily reach the park via Günzburg station.

Where to park at LEGOLAND Deutschland

There are parking areas right at the park entrance for cars and a special area for campers. However, you cannot stay overnight in these parking lots; you will need to head to the LEGOLAND campsite for that.

Parking costs 6 euros per day, and to make your visit easier, we also recommend purchasing your parking ticket in advance directly on the park’s website here.

Our review of LEGOLAND Deutschland

We loved our day at LEGOLAND! The park is beautiful and very colorful! The attractions are varied and suitable for all ages, making it a very family-friendly park.

Our first tip is to book your tickets in advance to save time during your visit and avoid the crowds at the entrance ticket booths.

Our second tip is to visit the shops either in the morning or in the afternoon because the closer it gets to closing time, the more crowded they become, to the point where you can hardly move around!

Be sure to visit the LEGO parts store, as well as the shop where you can build your own characters with an incredible selection of pieces and accessories!

The kids had a blast, and the immersion in the LEGO world was complete!

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