After exploring Turquant and its Valley of Artisans, we decided to visit the castle of Anjou and its troglodyte underground: the Château de Brézé. It’s a very beautiful, well-preserved, and furnished castle, notable for its immense underground tunnels.

Once you’ve completed the traditional tour of the castle, you descend beneath it to discover a second, underground castle with numerous galleries.

In the castle’s moats, you’ll find ancient troglodyte houses, an entire village built right into the rock within the moats. It’s quite impressive and remarkably well preserved. The only downside to this castle: no gardens! What a shame, especially for us, as we love castle gardens.

Our journey continues with a visit to the Mystère des Faluns. We were absolutely enchanted by this beautiful tour.

It’s a troglodyte site where you will discover a scenography in cathedral-like caves with 20-meter high pointed arches. A magnificent and poetic sound and light show takes you back 10 million years, into the Sea of Faluns.

In this former stone quarry, we learn how these arches were formed. The first room introduces you to the underwater world with immense lighted jellyfish, then you move from room to room as if traveling through time.

The children especially loved it and would have liked to take the tour a second time. It’s incredibly beautiful and definitely not to be missed!

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