Founded in 1859 by the Scientific Society of Natural History, the Natural History and Ethnography Museum of Colmar is a must-visit if you come to Colmar with your family. It is spread over two floors with 11 rooms in a historic building that served as the Colmar Town Hall from 1810 to 1886.

The museum is run by passionate volunteers who work to preserve the collections and share their knowledge with great enthusiasm.

The various collections of the museum

  • Local and exotic fauna : explore animals from the region, including small and large mammals and bird species such as the stork. Another room features wild animals like felines, primates, reptiles, and marine animals. The marine animal collection is quite extensive, with fish, corals, and crustaceans. Children particularly enjoy this section.
  • Ethnography : admire various objects from around the world, including Asia, Africa, and Ethiopia. The collection includes statuettes, jewelry, rudimentary dishes, and beautiful ceremonial masks.
  • Geology : view an impressive mammoth tusk and numerous fossils. This section also offers educational displays about different geological eras, making it a hit with younger visitors.
  • Minerals and rocks : discover a vast collection of minerals and learn about the evolution of humans, volcanoes, and more in this room.
  • Egypt : this is likely our favorite room. Children can see sarcophagi and mummies and learn about the fascinating process of mummification.
  • Insects : a large collection of butterflies and various insects, some more appealing than others, is on display here.

Temporary exhibitions

Every year, the museum hosts a thematic temporary exhibition, and during our visit, we were delighted to explore “Dinosaurs: Prey and Predators,” much to the joy of our little one who is a huge dinosaur fan. Feel free to check the museum’s website for current temporary exhibitions here.

Outside the museum, you can marvel at the T-Rex skeleton and, for the more adventurous, participate in sand dig activities!

Inside, you’ll find replicas of various dinosaurs like the velociraptor and a cast of the triceratops skull. There are numerous fossils and detailed explanations about archaeology, excavation techniques, and more. The exhibition also touches upon humanity’s fascination with science fiction, monsters, and the use of dinosaurs and sea monsters in works like Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

Practical information

Admission prices:

  • Full price entry is €6.
  • Reduced price entry is €4.50 for youth aged 7 to 18, as well as for large families, for example.
  • Entry is free for children under 7 and school groups.

Opening hours: the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, but closes between noon and two o’clock.

Workshops: whether it’s for Wednesdays, holidays, or a birthday, the museum offers various workshops starting from €8 per child. Feel free to check the museum’s agenda to learn about current workshops here.

School trips: the museum’s educational service organizes workshops throughout the school year, which can take place either inside or outside the museum. Please check the program of activities directly on the dedicated page for school groups here.

Find out more about opening times and prices on the museum’s website

How to Visit the Museum and Where to Easily Park

By car: there are several parking options close to the museum such as:

  • Turenne parking
  • Saint-Josse parking
  • Montagne verte parking

For campers: there’s a camper area in Colmar called Onlypark, where overnight parking costs around €15 with all amenities provided. Additionally, there’s a designated camper parking at 16 Rue Henry Wilhelm, closer to the city center and accessible during the day only.

By bus: the nearest bus stop is Marché couvert, served by line 6.

Our review of the museum visit

Located in the old town, not far from the Petite Venise district, the museum is excellently situated for combining a city tour with a museum visit.

Special mention goes to the Egyptian Hall: seeing mummies is always impressive, and it’s quite unexpected to find them in a museum in Colmar! It was a delightful surprise, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, especially the children.

The temporary exhibition was a significant highlight, allowing us, if we were locals, to return multiple times to explore different exhibitions without getting bored.

It was a wonderful discovery that we highly recommend, especially if you have young children.

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