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As the gateway to the Brocéliande Forest, Paimpont is a charming stone village in Brittany, adorned with creperies and small local craft shops. Upon arriving in Paimpont, you are immediately immersed in the ambiance of the forest legends: shops speak of magic, fairies, and Merlin… If you’re fortunate, you might stumble upon a large craft market in the Paimpont parking lot, often bustling in the summer.

Make the most of your stay in Paimpont by renting bikes to explore the Brocéliande Forest or visit La Porte des Secrets, a magical journey that recounts the history and legends of the forest through visual and sound effects… However, be cautious as the experience may be unsettling for young children, and once you’ve started, there’s no turning back! We recommend avoiding the visit for children under 6 years old.

The Castle of Comper and its legends dedicated to Arthurian myths

This was a visit we absolutely loved! It’s perfectly suited for young children, and you can easily spend half a day here.

The visit begins with the permanent exhibition inside the castle, tracing the history of Arthur, Merlin, and the fairy Morgan le Fay. The tour is illustrated with mannequins, decor, and informative signs, which vividly bring the stories to life for children.

Continue your exploration in the vast park and its lake before enjoying various activities throughout the day: storytelling, puppet shows, and a market…

During our visit, we watched puppet shows. We followed the actor and his puppets through different locations in the forest and park, each setting changing with the stories told by the puppet. It was humorous, well-told, and captivating for both young and old alike! This is a must-do and shouldn’t be missed in the Brocéliande region.

The Brocéliande Forest

There are several ways to explore the forest, but the best way is on foot through various hiking trails that can be recommended either at the tourist office or on the Paimpont website.

Discover Merlin’s Tomb, the Fountain of Youth, or the Valley of No Return. Explore the mythical places of the Knights of the Round Table and delve deeper into the legends. If you have children, opt for a storytelling hike. Accompanied by an actor, you’ll embark on a hike where the places will be introduced to you through stories, making it a more playful and enjoyable way to explore the trails with kids!

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