Getting to the Harry Potter Studios

Just an hour from London, you’ll discover the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios. To get there, you can reserve a bus through the studios’ website which picks you up directly in London, but be mindful of booking a time slot! Alternatively, you can do as we did and make your own way there. A train from Euston Station will take you to Watford Junction. From there, dedicated shuttles run by the studios will transport you with frequent services.

It’s honestly straightforward to get there, and you can stay at the studios until closing if you wish! Note that the parking accepts camper vans for daytime use only. To truly see everything and take time to stroll through the different sets, you’ll need a full day!

Immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter

And what sets they are! A direct dive into the films of the saga! It’s so beautiful! You’ll journey from the spectacular Great Hall of Hogwarts to Hagrid’s Hut, passing through Diagon Alley and even aboard the Hogwarts Express!

Don your cloak and enter through the Great Hall where tables are set for your arrival. Visit Professor Dumbledore’s office where Fawkes the phoenix and the Sorting Hat await you atop his shelf.

Discovering the secrets of the Harry Potter films

In addition to entire sets and decor pieces, you’ll uncover iconic objects such as the Chamber of Secrets door and Alastor Moody’s magical trunk. Not to mention the numerous costumes!

You’ll also learn more about special effects, including broomstick flying and magical creatures like the Mandrake and Hedwig.

Some sets are located outdoors, such as the Knight Bus and 4 Privet Drive. At the end of your tour, before heading to the shop, take your time to admire the model of the castle and its surroundings.

I believe the most spectacular and emotional experience, especially for fans, is visiting Diagon Alley, where like Harry, you’ll discover all the shops to prepare for school. Buy your magic wand at Ollivanders and visit the Weasley brothers’ joke shop for some mischief and fun!

Indulge in a few attractions to uncover the filmmaking secrets: ride in Mr. Weasley’s flying car, strike a pose in a Hogwarts Express carriage, hop on a broomstick… And to cap off your day perfectly, enjoy a butterbeer! Discover numerous secrets that you may not have noticed while watching the films!

Since our visit, many other locations are now open to the public, such as the bank and Professor Sprout’s greenhouse! A great reason to go back!

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