Visiting London on foot

We took this short trip to London without our Yoyo stroller since we didn’t have it yet. We traveled by Eurostar and then took the metro. However, our city exploration was primarily on foot, simply because it’s the best way to see everything and discover places off the beaten tourist path.

This way, we discovered an entire neighborhood dedicated to music, Denmark Street, where you’ll find record stores and instrument shops—a paradise for music lovers!

Of course, we visited many shops at Piccadilly Circus, which is also a filming location in Harry Potter. The most famous ones include Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. These are two magnificent, enormous stores where you’ll find all sorts of London souvenirs and specialties, but you’ll also be dazzled by the sumptuous woodwork. Even if you don’t buy anything, the visit is well worth it!

Free museums

Did you know that all museums in London are free? It would be a shame to miss them! We visited the Natural History Museum, which has a spectacular entrance and is immense! Once again, the building’s architecture is magnificent with its grand arches and alcoves.

We continued our tour with the British Museum and its stunning collections, including those on ancient Egypt and its mummies!

Parks and Royalty

Unlike museums, royal attractions in London are often paid and sometimes quite expensive. However, nothing stops you from strolling around Buckingham Palace to witness the Changing of the Guard, exploring Westminster Abbey, or admiring Big Ben!

London boasts numerous parks, with Hyde Park being the most famous, complete with its lake. Don’t miss them—they’re a true breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. You can even enjoy afternoon tea there, an essential English experience, especially if you’re a food enthusiast!

For food enthusiasts

What would London be without its cuisine! They say England has bad food, but who said that? Clearly someone who’s never had a hearty English breakfast with eggs and sausages. Someone who’s never enjoyed a burger at a pub, or bitten into a buttery scone or a big slice of carrot cake! Clearly, they’re not someone with a love for good food!

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