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Harry Potter studios at Warner

Getting to the Harry Potter Studios Just an hour from London, you’ll discover the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios. To get there, you can reserve a bus through the studios’ website which picks you up directly in London, but be mindful of booking a time slot! Alternatively, you can do as we did and make …


Harry Potter and London

How not to fall in love with London? The architecture, the atmosphere, the shops, the music, the food, and the Londoners themselves! We felt so comfortable there that we would have gladly settled in for the long term. On the trail of Harry Potter As a fan of the Harry Potter series, visiting iconic filming …


A few days in London

Visiting London on foot We took this short trip to London without our Yoyo stroller since we didn’t have it yet. We traveled by Eurostar and then took the metro. However, our city exploration was primarily on foot, simply because it’s the best way to see everything and discover places off the beaten tourist path. …