Our motorhome is an integrated Rapido, model 983M on a Mercedes chassis. It has 4 beds and is registered for 4 passengers. It was built in 2007 and had just over 100,000 kilometers on it when we bought it. In other words, it was just broken in!

3 reasons why we bought this motorhome

The Mercedes chassis

We ultimately chose a Mercedes Sprinter chassis for our motorhome, prioritizing this reliable and robust option over Fiat or Ford chassis, which dominate the market.

We specifically wanted to avoid the Ford TDCi engines, which have suffered numerous failures, especially in models within our price range. Based on the feedback we received, these engines should be avoided in models from around 2005-2010. A quick search on the internet reveals numerous articles on this issue!

As for the engine, our motorhome features a 2.2L 150hp engine, which effortlessly powers the 3.5-ton vehicle.

Motorhome dimensions

It’s a fairly contained size: less than 7 metres long and less than 3 metres high! So you can stay in class 2 on the freeway 🙂

Configuration and equipment

This was the configuration we wanted for the children : a large bed in the cargo hold, giving them their own play area. The shower is independent, and the motorhome is equipped with a large fridge, oven and functional kitchenette… in short, the top of the range from 15 years ago ! We also have 2 auxiliary batteries recharged by a solar panel, making us self-sufficient in electricity.

Technical specifications of our Rapido 983M

  • Length: 6.85 meters
  • Width: 2.32 meters
  • Height: 2.86 meters
  • Fresh water capacity: 120 liters
  • Heating: Truma gas heating system
  • Refrigerator: 150 liters + oven

About Author

We are Sophie, Adrien, and our two adorable little ones. Passionate about travel, discovery, and gastronomy, we bought a 2007 Rapido camper van to travel differently, travel more, and introduce our children to the world. Here, we share our wonderful discoveries and tips for activities to do with children in France and beyond ! Welcome !

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