So, how was this first full week of vacation in the motorhome? Well, more than positive! We’ve really taken a liking to our little Yoyo, our home on wheels, and we can say we feel very comfortable in it, even when it rains and we have to stay indoors.

It’s very well laid out and extremely functional. Creating a separate children’s bedroom at the back was a great idea. They have their own space to play, read, and goof around without disturbing us or getting in our way.

During the day, if we have to be inside, they have the entire mattress area to play, which is 140×200. A large blanket creates a double space, and storage boxes at the foot of their bed allow them to bring along plenty of toys and keep them neatly organized.

Having an overhead bed is really practical too; it means we don’t have to make and unmake the bed daily like with a dinette bed. When it’s raised during the day, we have a spacious living area.

Regarding the motorhome’s insulation

We left in the middle of summer and didn’t suffer from the heat for two reasons. First, we aren’t inside the motorhome during the day because we’re usually out and about all day!

Secondly: we made our own insulation for the windshield, driver and passenger windows, and all the skylights. We would put it up every morning before leaving the motorhome to limit the heat inside, and again every evening. We bought this insulation by the meter from an online haberdashery, and you can find it in many places.

Water and electricity in the motorhome

That was the big question! How long can four of us be self-sufficient in the motorhome? I have to admit we were a bit worried, but in the end, we can last 3-4 days with water, each taking a shower a day and doing the dishes. We don’t drink the tank water despite disinfecting and descaling it. So, we agree on shower and dishes! Our showers aren’t like the ones at home! We wet, turn off, soap up, rinse, and done. Same for dishes; we also cook recipes that require minimal utensils.

As for electricity, it was a pleasant surprise; no problems lasting the whole week without ever plugging in! The two batteries and the solar panel are more than enough and allow us to do everything without issues.

However, we’re considering investing in a battery to have 220V in the motorhome, so we can use things like a hairdryer or plug in a laptop. If you have any brand and model suggestions, we’re all ears!

Service areas for motorhomes

This was also a pleasant surprise. We thought we might struggle, but no! You find them everywhere, even in the smallest villages! Don’t rely solely on Park4night; many areas aren’t listed yet.

Make sure to equip yourself well to use any type of service area: a large flexible hose with different fittings for water, a long extension cord (at least 30 meters), and products for your WC cassette.

Speaking of the WC cassette! A disaster! With four of us, it only lasts us 2 days max! A nightmare to empty, clean, and the products cost an arm and a leg! So, we’ve decided; this winter, it’ll make way for dry toilets with a urine separator, much more practical and with better autonomy! Like the battery, we’re still undecided on the brand, but we’ll write a dedicated article on replacing the cassette with dry toilets!

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We are Sophie, Adrien, and our two adorable little ones. Passionate about travel, discovery, and gastronomy, we bought a 2007 Rapido camper van to travel differently, travel more, and introduce our children to the world. Here, we share our wonderful discoveries and tips for activities to do with children in France and beyond ! Welcome !

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